CRM Faculty and Staff

CRM faculty members teach, advise and serve as chairs of master’s thesis committees in the CRM program.  

There are also CRM affiliated faculty members who are SSU faculty in other departments on campus or are retired from the Anthropology department. They teach core and supporting courses and/or have expertise relevant to CRM. They can serve as thesis committee members for CRM students.

Alexis Boutin
Professor; Graduate Coordinator
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Michelle Goman
Professor of Geography, Environment & Planning; Director of the Sonoma State Quaternary Laboratory (SQUAL)
Thomas Whitley
Professor; Director of the Anthropological Studies Center
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Professor, Chair of History Department
Michelle Jolly
Professor of History
Adrian Praetzellis
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology; Director of the Anthropological Studies Center
Margaret Purser
Professor Emerita of Anthropology
Director of Native American Studies
Carson 54
Laura Watt
Professor Emerita of Geography, Environment & Planning
John Wingard
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Kelly Clark
Academic Support Coordinator