Have questions about the Anthropology major or minor?  Considering changing your major to Anthropology? Trying to plan your college career or preparing for graduation?

All full-time faculty members can provide advising to anthropology majors or minors. We do not assign advisors, so you can meet with any advisor whose interest or availability matches your own.

Office hours are listed below and sign-up sheets will be posted for these hours outside of the professor's offices. If you are unable to attend office hours, please call or e-mail the professor to make an appointment.

There are no office hours during finals week and professors are generally unavailable during summer and winter breaks.

Office Hours
Name Email Phone Office Office Hours
Alexis Boutin
Stevenson 2054D
Karin Enstam Jaffe
Stevenson 2054A
Andriana Foiles Sifuentes
Margaret Purser
Stevenson 2054E
Richard Senghas
Stevenson 2054C
Thomas Whitley
Stevenson 2054G
John Wingard
Stevenson 2070A