Course rotation by semester

This list is designed to help students plan ahead by providing information about course offerings for the upcoming academic year. Please note that course offerings are subject to change. 

These are the courses that the anthropology department will be offering in Fall 2022. For specific days/times these courses will be offered, please see the full schedule, which is also posted in the anthropology department office and is available on MySSU.

Fall 2022

Course Title Area Instructor
200 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology LD-GE C2 TBD
201 Introduction to Biological Anthropology  LD-GE B2 Etting
240 Living in Our Globalized World LD-GE E Torres
318 Human Development in Evol. Perspective UD-GE B Jaffe
318 Human Development in Evol. Perspective (online) UD-GE B Etting
324 Archaeology and the Bible Arch Boutin
322 Historical Archaeology Methods Whitley
341 Archaeology of Complex Societies (online) UD-GE D Cradic
383 Language in Socio-Political Context Lang TBD
491 Senior Seminar Core Boutin
500 Proseminar Grad Boutin
590 Advanced Seminar: Archaeological Site Survey & Recording Grad Dollinger
592 Practicum in the National Register of Historic Places Grad Murphey



This is a list of courses that the anthropology department plans to offer in the following semester. Course offerings are dependent upon faculty and lecturer availability and are subject to change. Dates and times of class offerings will be available in Fall 2022. 

Spring 2023

Course Title Area Instructor
201 Introduction to Biological Anthropology LD-GE B2 TBD
202 Introduction to Archaeology Arch Wingard
203 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology LD-GE D TBD
300 Nature, Culture & Theory: Growth of Anthropology Core Wingard
318 Human Development in Evolutionary Perspective  UD-GE B Jaffe
392 Research in California Prehistory Arch Whitley
309 Health and Disease in the Past (WIC) Bio Boutin
341 Archaeology of Complex Societies UD-GE D Boutin
345 Environmental Anthropology Cult Wingard
480 Studies of Language Use Methods TBD



Area column refers to which area of the major and/or GE the course applies to
Arch Archaeology
Bio Biological Anthropology
Cult Cultural Anthropology
Grad Graduate Level
LD Lower Division
LD-GE Lower Division GE
Ling Linguistic Anthropology
Meth Methods Course
Req Major Requirement
UD-GE Upper Division GE