Advising Resources

General Education Information

In addition to the 40 units required for the Anthropology major and at least 30 units of electives, you must take 48-50 General Education units (depending on whether you entered as a first-year or transfer student). Visit the General Education advising website to learn which GE pattern you should follow, the classes you have to choose from, and how to fulfill upper- and lower-division requirements.

The School of Social Sciences does not currently have an academic advisor available to help with General Education advising. Please see an Anthropology Advisor for signatures or specific questions.

Advising Videos

The School of Social Sciences has an advising resources page where you can find advising videos on many topics, including:

  • How to Read your ARR
  • How to Use Seawolf Scheduler
  • How use "Additional Search Criteria" in MySSU to search for GE courses
  • How to Enroll in Courses
  • How to Drop/Swap Courses
  • How to Waitlist for a Course



Current Anthropology class schedule and course rotation schedule can be found here.