Degree Programs

Undergraduate students may pursue a 40-unit bachelor of arts in anthropology. The B.A. degree provides a balanced grounding in the theoretical approaches and body of knowledge central to the discipline of anthropology. There are no prerequisites to declaring a major in anthropology. The anthropology program also combines well with majors and minors in many other departments and programs. The minor in anthropology recognizes basic training in anthropology as a complement to a major in other subjects. Faculty advisors in the anthropology department can help students plan a course of study that takes advantage of this multidisciplinary strategy. Students interested in pursuing a major or minor in anthropology should consult an academic advisor in the department to plan their academic path.

Our department also offers a 30-unit master of arts degree in cultural resources management. Cultural resources management is an applied, professional subfield of anthropology that involves the identification, evaluation, and preservation of cultural resources within legal and planning contexts. The primary objectives of the master’s program is to produce professionals competent in research design and data collection and analysis, as well as the legal mandates of CRM. Program graduates work as historic preservation specialists, environmental planners, and archaeologists for government agencies and as private consultants. People interested in pursuing a M.A. in CRM should visit the M.A. degree page and contact a member of the program faculty.